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Complete Atlas of the World

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Complete Atlas of the World, 3rd Edition is now fully revised and updated to reflect the latest changes in world geography, including the annexation of Crimea and the new nation of South Sudan. Bringing each featured landscape to life with detailed terrain models and color schemes and offering maps of unsurpassed quality, this atlas features four sections: a world overview, the main atlas, fact files on all the countries of the world, and an easy-to-reference index of all 100,000 place names. All maps enjoy a full double-page spread, with continents broken down into 330 carefully selected maps, including 100 city plans. You will also find a stimulating series of global thematic maps that explore Earth's place in the universe, its physical forms and processes, the living world, and the human condition. From Antarctica to Zambia, discover the Earth continent-by-continent with Complete Atlas of the World, 3rd Edition.

DK, Dorling Kindersley
ISBN 10:
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PDF, 386,42 MB

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First of all, I salute the administrators of this site for 'giving' away knowledge for free. This, by itself, is magnanimity magnified. You strengthen the intrinsic feeling inherent within every human that wisdom should be gained freely. Of course, it is never 'totally' free because someone had to buy the very first book to 'give' it away as a meaningful gesture. But from me: thank you.
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I love to read 'The 5AM Club by Robin Sharma. Thanks a lot for uploading such a good book.
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Tirivamwe maguraushe
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Keeps me abreast with everything. You will lack with it
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Tirivamwe maguraushe
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